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Looking terrific is an attitude . . . NOT a size!!!

· Custom Designed Special Occasion Gowns

. Custom Decor/Table Linens

· Wardrobe Strategies

· Head to Toe Image Consulting

· Personal Shopping

· Everyday Etiquette

Creating your own special occasion dress will guarantee you the look and style you want.  It  means you can choose from a wide variety of styles and fabrics with an endless choice of details. 

Understanding the Dressmaking Process

The consultation is a time for you to get to know us and discuss your needs and our services. 


Most custom clothiers do two or three fittings as the garment is constructed.


Three to eight weeks to complete a garment is minimum.   This will vary with the complexity of the garments and the time of year.

Like all custom-made goods, custom clothing should cost more than a similar off-the-rack garment.  It takes a very high level of skill and a great deal of labor to create a unique garment that fits your body and your taste.  Moreover, as custom clothiers, we use much finer sewing techniques than seen in ready-to-wear. 


Tell us your price range; we can suggest styles and techniques that are within your budget.

Any request for design alterations must be made at the first fitting.  Requests thereafter will incur a fee.  All sales are final.

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Remember that fine quality custom clothing is made to last for many years and is truly "investment Dressing"

What are your responsibilities?

-- Select fine quality fabrics

-- Be on time for your appointments: Missed appointments will add one week to delivery schedule and incur a $15.00 fee unless 24 hour notification is made. Call early if you need to reschedule

-- Always bring the shoes and undergarments that you will wear with the custom garment.

Are you a designer?

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