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Allison Khan Couture

Master Sewing & Design Professional

Thank you for considering me to produce your clothing line. I would be honored to sit down with you and discuss your ideas and goals for the line.  I herewith present to you the details surrounding the production of you garments.


Allison Khan Couture offers a wide variety of services to assist startup, existing and growing businesses achieve their goals. Whatever the business model is, the AKC team will work with you to implement the perfect blend of products and services in order to achieve this vision. 


Proper planning and scheduling is vital to accomplishing projects of quality, on time and within budget.  The process involves client interaction and the use of time tested forms, such as our checklist, making the project easy to understand as a whole.  Your success is our success!


Our commitment to the completion of your line will consist of the following steps:


  1. Design – sketch or list of features

  2. Pattern drafting – first through production patterns – hard copy or computer

  3. Grading (sizing) – using existing grade rules or size charge

  4. Specification sheets – Finished measurements  and construction details

  5. Prototyping – first and production patterns and muslin


Now that you have a clear direction for your business, your line is designed and you need to develop patterns, samples, duplicates, etc.   We will work together to:


  1. Determine how many styles you will be developing

  2. Determine what fabric, trims, artwork will be needed and select the resources in all of these areas

  3. Create a schedule with our launch date and all of the important items that need to be completed along the way

  4. Have some of your important financials on paper for your own reference, such as – retail price points – wholesale price – budget for developing the line

We discussed several features that will be unique to your line, Describe details, fabric, trim, etc. 


The length of time it takes to develop the line would depend on many variables


  • The number of styles in your line

  • Use of sendouts such as screen printing, embroidery or special washes

  • Type and availability of embellishments, fabric and trims

  • How soon we can place you in our schedule for the pattern making and sewing

  • How well your styles are prepared and communicated to us, with not many changes throughout the process


Let’s start with our consultation fee of $150.00.  


The foregoing should give you a clear picture as to what is involved in creating your line.  It’s best to work with a six month window to  account for all the steps listed above. However,  we will do our best to set a realistic deadline for the number of pieces you desire at this first go around.

This is an ongoing communication between you the designer and me, the master seamstress and is subject to change as your needs change.  The forthcoming event should be pleasant, enjoyable and as stress free as possible for both parties.  This is accomplished, in part, by clear and concise communication. This is a team product and must be recognized as such.  It is understood between all parties that several meetings and/or fittings will be necessary to ensure a proper fit.

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